Development Plan

Our Mission & Vision

The Federal Improvement Company in cooperation with the Village of Middlefield’s need to control traffic, improve public safety and further economic development in the County would like to build a public industrial roadway to connect the industrial areas of Middlefield with State Route 528. A preliminary plan of the roadway and new land available for industrial development is shown in exhibit 1. The roadway would incorporate the Village owned former B&O right of way and land owned by the Federal Improvement Company. This new roadway would serve all of the industrial businesses currently located in the industrial areas of Middlefield.
The roadway could be constructed in two sections. The first portion would consist of approximately 1720 lineal feet connecting South Parkway to the new proposed road connecting Johnsonite and Flambeau Products to Route 528. This route would utilize portions of the former B&O right of way closer in town and then cross Federal Improvement property out to Route 528.
FICO preliminary estimates are 4,300 lineal feet of roadway from the northern FICO property line to Route 528 and 1715 lineal feet to connect the South Industrial Parkway to the new roadway for a total of 6,015 lineal feet of roadway. Based on our engineering estimates of $270 per lineal foot for a concrete roadway with water, sanitary and storm sewer lines, excluding land acquisition costs and special field conditions the total project cost would be $1,161,000.
The Federal Improvement Company estimates that the new roadway would open 128 acres of land for development with in the Village of Middlefield existing industrial area. Of this area approximately 30 acres would be unusable due to existing wetland conditions. The land would sold in units of 5 acres on which a 60 to 80,000 square foot plant could be constructed. If each plant employed between 30 to 60 employees this project would have the potential to bring 500 to 1,000 new and retained jobs for the Village of Middlefield, Geauga County and the State of Ohio.
We estimate that the time to develop these sites to be three to five years from completion of the roadway. At present there are active prospects for two significant sites in the Park which will require construction of the first stage of the roadway in 1999 if these projects are to be successfully located in the Village of Middlefield.

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